DOLLART - I teach at my studio and at other venues  - the wonderful world of dollart. Here are some of my works on quirky fabric dolls these come with their own character labels and my daughter Heidi writes a brief poem about each one. I teach how to design a doll.

 I recommend Ray Slater patterns and Jan Horrox for using patterns on the doll figures if working from home.
Further down I have put images of my UNUSUAL AND SPIRIT DOLLS
The third slide show are my TEDDY BEARS AND FRIENDS of all sizes and of course the critters and friends! 
Anoushka Russian dollPierina Odette (Swan Lake)Kanja DeviAngelique hippie babeAngelique outfit details
Angelique tatoos and top view detailsAngelique legs and wedge shoe detailsPierina Odette (Swan Lake)Pierina Odette Kanja Devi head dress details
Kanja Devi leg detailsAntoinette 18th century dollAntoinette silk slipper detailsAutumna NymphAutumna details
Autumna head dress detailsAutumna  skirt detailsAutumna leg details Serena MermaidSerena Mermaid front tail details
Serena Mermaid back tail detailsSerena Mermaid head and top detailsBellisimino Woodland FairyBellisimino clothes detailsBellisimino details
Bellismino petal skirt detailsAnoushka Russian FairyElpheen Woodland PrincessElpheen petal skirt detailsAngelique, Anoushka and Bellismino
Bellisimino, Anoushka and Elpheen
UNUSAL AND SPIRIT DOLLS: the dolls I have made here show that the beauty about dolls can be of any size, shape or design. 
Molly vintage doll by Norah StockerAutumn Angel Molly vintage doll"Ladies That Do Lunch"Happiness Spirit Doll
Ginetta pin head dollHappiness Spirt DollHappiness spirit DollNatasha pin head dollWhite spirit doll and sprite
White spirit dollWhite spirit doll and spritePink Punk - energy spirit dollMartha pin head dollPink Punk - energy spirit doll
Maybellina pin head dollPink Punk - energy spirit dollSunshine spirit dollSunshine spirit dollSunshine spirit doll
Sunshine spirit dollTemple Protector 1 Temple Protector 1Temple Protector 2Temple Protector 2
Temple Protector 2Tomb Angel Tomb AngelTomb AngelTomb Angel
Tomb Angel Tomb AngelSamurai Warrior Spirit DollSamurai Warrior Spirit DollSamurai Warrior Spirit Doll
Samurai Warrior spirit dollSamurai Warrior spirit dollSamurai Warrior spirit dollMolly vintage dollGuardian Angel spirt doll
Guardian Angel spirit dollGuardian Angel spirit dollGuardian Angel spirit dollGuardian Angel spirit dollMolly vintage doll
Molly vintage dollMolly vintage dollMolly vintage dollMolly vintage dollMolly vintage doll
Molly waiting for her peg bag!
My Teddy Bear and Critters World.  - it is another world to create the Bruins using all those wonderful fabrics. I had a wonderful time making some lovely character critters and friends - have a look!

Oswald & Horatio HaresKatarina PolarOllieOswald & Horatio Hares
Sir BartholomewBertieTheodore Harry and Henry Bruin party
Bijou BunnyOswald & Horatio HaresThe Mamittas from Spain
The Mamittas mice with teapotEllie pin cushion
Mr Macadean & wife MimiMinietta daughter of MimiMinetta daughter of MimiFantasia Textiles stand
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