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I offer Design2Stitch vouchers for special occasions ie birthdays etc. I can also arrange a minimum of four friends to book one of my workshops of their choice at the studio for a special occasion. Please contact me to discuss further or 01787 222946 eves/wends
The workshops will now be held at my Coggeshall Studio. We have had some lovely work produced by students at my November/December workshops 2012. Please see below some of the recent student creations. There are lots of lovely and inspiring workshops and courses for everybody so do contact me for further details or to book . Design2Stitch, Art Quilt Group, Mixed Media, Experimental Past Times, Dyeing, Printing, Burning Issues, Free machine embroidery, Funky Dolls & Critters club and so much more!
LOTS OF NEW AUTUMN programme 2014 & 2015. I have invited several visiting tutors to run some workshops -  see further down the page for listing (I will be putting more workshops on - so do have a look often!)
SPRING  WORKSHOPS 2013/2014  (students gallery WIP)
Winter 2012 workshops - students gallery: please see below some of the beautiful work produced by students at my recent winter workshops. Thankyou to all of you and look forward to seeing you at the coming workshops:
Summer 2012 Workshops students work: please see below the lovely work students produced from my three Summer taster workshops Thankyou to all of you and look forward to seeing you at my Coggeshall studio for the Winter/Spring sessions.
My workshops are fun and informative for everyone to learn and enjoy. These will be held at my new Coggeshall studio. For full details and to book please contact me direct to discuss. The studio is a working studio and only open to the public for workshops or upon request
I have designed these courses below as an on-going development course for everyone that is interested at looking at design then interpreting them to stitch to make a lovely piece of work.
All Workshops hours are 10 am to 3.30 pm 
My workshops are fun and informative for everyone to learn and enjoy. The following courses are held monthly. I have invited the following tutors to run some of their workshops. Please contact me direct to make any bookings
DESIGN2STITCH DEVELOPMENT GROUP : Norah Stocker for this group I teach the basics of the City & Guilds programme. This development programme is for people who are interested in learning and experimenting with techniques in both fabric and paper. This is a development programme for people who do not want to take a qualification but would like to learn design and stitch techniques. This is a very popular course so do contact me if interested date and details are as follows: £25 per day if member of the course (or £35 if not.)
WEDNESDAYS: these are held monthly. Norah Stocker - 
SEPTEMBER 17 - Norah Stocker - Art Journalling - designing pages members £25. non members £35.

OCTOBER 15 - Norah Stocker - creating different signatures and making different binding techniques. members £25. non members £35.

NOVEMBER 12 - Norah Stocker - creating folding books - so many ways to fold a book! members £25. non members £35.
SEPTEMBER 23 - PHOTO COLLAGE: Norah Stocker - I will be teaching a one day workshop to create a collage using photo and magazine papers, then print the design onto fabric. We will then blend the design with artist mediums followed by free machine embroidery stitch onto fabric to create a small panel. £35 for the day 

SEPTEMBER 27 - SATURDAY - VINTAGE SHABBY CHIC PANEL - patched and pieced hand stitching a small panel, using stamps and other interesting ideas by Karen Ives. £35.

OCTOBER 4 - SATURDAY - GET MESSY WITH CANVAS - Norah Stocker - create a lovely canvas using all sorts of techniques paint, stencil, mixed media, stitch and lots of fun! £35 

OCTOBER 21 - TUESDAY - SAORI WEAVING - design and weave a small panel using the Ashford looms and yarns supplied by Cherrie Stevens (Weaverbyrd).  £55 inclusive of use of looms and yarns. 
 9.30 am to 4.30 pm

NOVEMBER 8 - SATURDAY - ISLAMIC DESIGNS - Norah Stocker- learn how to design using Islamic tiles to create your own panel. Lots of methods, layering, stitch, cut back and embellish. £35.

DESIGN2STITCH dynamic contemporary FOCUS GROUP   I am running a Focus group for experienced artists to  share exciting ideas and inspirations for further work and exhibiting. To learn and explore a wider remit of the textile world. Please contact me
THURSDAYS: these are held monthly commencing September 2014

DOODLEART ONE: if you are interested in learning this then please put a request by email. Run by Norah Stocker - I will be teaching free machine embroidery techniques. Then help you to create a lovely small art quilt either seascape or landscape using these stitches. £35 for day.

FUNKY DOLLS & CRITTERS CLUB: Norah Stocker:  for people who are dedicated to designing  dolls, critters and friends.  Held monthly on Tuesdays.  members £20 non members £30

NEWS 2015 WORKSHOPS visiting tutors HILARY BEATTIE May, LIBBY SMITH series of workshops Jan, Feb, May, June and October.

These will be held at my  Coggeshall studio. For full details and to book please contact me direct to discuss. I look forward to hearing from you.
Norah Stocker (Textile Artist)
01787 222946 eves/wends or 07921 395245 (mobile)
FANTASIA BAZAAR STALL - we welcome requests from Guilds and textile groups to bring our lovely creative textile products to sell at your venues. Please contact me direct.We sell unusual fabrics, hand dyed threads, fabrics, felt, scrumptious fabric packs, designer and folk art pattern, needle felting supplies, sewing notions, books and lots more. We look forward to seeing you. (Our Studio is a working studio and only open to the public for workshops or upon request so please ring 01787 222946 eves/wends for full details)

Norah Stocker (Textile Artist)
01787 222946 (eves/wends)
Please email me if interested so I can contact you with all the details.